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Fuel pump and Coil terminal w126 560SEL

I have found what appears to be the electrical distribution block, but it looks nothing like the one in the service manual.

here is what I have:

the block, seperated into three portions. Connected to the top terminal section from the left side is a blue wire which goes to the block and seperates into a blue wire and green/red wire which come out onto the right side. These wires are joined at the block with a Phillips head screw.

Next section down, from the left I have two red cables joined to the block with a bolt and comes out the opposite side to a single red cable. the third section is joined phsically by a metal plate, and has a red cable coming off of it on the right side.

Below the block, i have connected to the fire wall a black cable that goes into a black 'bullet' appox. 2" by 3/4" tapered 1/2" at ingress and egress points. The egress point has a single black cable coming out.

Below this 'bullet' I have what I believe is probably the #16 connector. It has two wires going in and out of it. when you pull the cable connector apart it appears that the connector is silver plated copper. I cannot determine the color of the wires going in other than that one is light and the other is dark.

Let me know how off base I am.


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