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Not runout but preload.

At the risk of being archived as an idiot I have left the thread intact. I misstated. My head should be examined and my posts marked as suspect. I should have said “end play”, I was preparing to inspect and repack the front wheel bearings when I do the front brakes this spring and I flipped through the procedure for “Adjustment of wheel bearing end play”. It requires a dial indicator and I loosely associated it with checking for runout.

Reviewing the procedure, and for the archives,
Wheel Bearing End Play: 0.01-0.02 mm
Into the wheel cap, 20 g. of high temp grease, (Clean, don’t mix w/ conventional.)
Hex socket screw of clamping nut: 20 nm.
Special tools: Remover and Installer of wheel cap. I can’t imagine you really need this. I was going to pry it off. If you know, anyone, please reply.
And there is the “Holder for the gage” and calls for the conventional gage, or dial indicator.

If you need further info on this I will find a way to get the whole procedure.
Sorry if there was any confusion.
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