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Well, I was able to disconnect the egr tube on both the exhaust and intake side and it was not easy. To access one of the two bolts on the intake side I had to disconnect the throttle assembly next to it to get access. There is one other attachment at the back of the engine compartment connected to the oil filter container. The tube was entirely loose at that point but no easy way to bring out the tube. It would have been nice to take it out and really examine it but since I couldn't, I examined the intake hole portion seen in stevebfl diy article and it was clear. The tube also was apparently clear as I used my liquivac and stuck it one end and put suction to it. Air easily move through the tube. So I put everything back. By the way, my car has just under 60k on it.

One thing I noticed before this procedure and confirmed after the procedure was that when I disconnected the thin rubber tube going into the EGR valve from the top of the engine under the plastic engine cover (after disconnecting the battery to clear the CE light) was that the CE engine light did not come back on. However, when I reconnected it, the CE light came on. Does this indicate the the EGR valve is bad? The EGR valve is supposed to be open at idle and closes at speed? How can I confirm without replacing it that the EGR valve is bad? I plan on getting the error code read but from what I've read it will not pinpoint to a certainty what part to replace and I may already be at that point. What happens if I keep this rubber tube unplugged? On a couple of short trips I have notice NO change in idle or running with this unplugged. Is the rubber tube part of the vacuum system? Many questions, hopefully, many answers. Thanks.
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