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more hesitation

well I had some engine problems and now it's hesitating again, as soon as I have a chance I will unplug the O2 and see what the computer goes to. I'm not sure if it's the mixture again, it shouldn't be, but something must be wrong, or went wrong somewhere along the way.

the eha current does the same thing again, after being in idle for a bit, it falls to zero and stays there until I go over 40kmph, this will happen well over 2k rpm, so it's even worse now then it was back then, but that's because the mixture is leaner. Fortunatley I only drive my car on the weekends now cause I got school and I walk to the bus staion and take the bus from there, but man it's a frustrating experiance when the car hesitates like that....

when I get out of work I'll unplug the O2 and see what the computer goes up to, if 7mA like I set it to, then it's the mixture, if not, then maybe I can adjust it a bit again..... maybe the computer realized a change just now... who knows, I still think all components work fine.

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