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96 W210 Climate Control Debug

Summer is quickly approaching

Climate control symptoms.

Center vents always blow cool in winter when heater is on.

Passenger A/C blows cool but not really cold.

Driver side feels like the system is on economy.

Diagnostics apparently 96 unit only shows metric? control set at 68F

1 - 23
2 - 24
3 - 21
4 - 18
5 - 21
6 - 97
7 - 11
8 - 46

Trouble codes
b1232 - Refrig pressure sensor
b1234 - Sun Sensor
b1235 - Emissions sensor
b1416 - Coolant circulation pump

So Sun sensor makes sense. After reading what it is supposed to do that makes sense but would not effect coolness only fan strength.

Coolant circulation pump might effect heat but it blows strong enough for me

Any thoughts on how to best restore coolness before the summer?
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