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A few W126 repair questions

I'm replacing a few things on my car and I just have a few questions to make sure I am doing things correctly.

1) Replaced the shocks just fine but the MB manual says something about checking aligningment for the shocks...don't know what there is to align, so I wanted to ask about that or if I need to worry about it.

2) I am replacing the steering damper. I got the original one off and it is a Stabilus made in Germany, the one I got from FastLane is a Boge made in Mexico. The new Boge does look just a little bit "dinkier"...the fluid resevoir is smaller and the necks at the top and bottom look a little thinner. Lower quality? Should I just use it or go after a Stabilus?

3) I'm getting ready to replace the subframe mounts. Do I need to buy new bolts or can I use the same ones? Same for the diff bolts? Also, do I need to replace the bushings on the semi trailing arms, too?

4) One last one! I am going to replace the fluid and filter on the PS pump. The manual just says to extract the fluid with a syringe type device and then feed the new fluid in. Doesn't that just leave a bunch of old fluid in the rest of the system? Can you not get all of it out? Wondering on how to go about this...

Thanks in advance for any help/tips!
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