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Washer jet clogged???

First off I would like to thank the staff and every member in this forum. The knowledge herein is unbeliveable! I used the search engine before posting this, so try not to flame spray me if I missed something. I have a 1999 C230K with a small problem. The washer jet located on the driver's side does not dispense any fluid, not one single drop. Thoe other jet on the passenger's side works just fine, however. I removed the fluid line from the jet on the driver's side, activated the washer pump and low and behold washer fluid was discharged from the disconnected line and also the passenger's side jet. The fluid is getting to the jet on the driver's side just not through it. I have read from previous posts that the jets usually do not clog, but in this case I think it has. Are there any recommendations for trying to unclog the jet or just purchase a new jet? I know there is a heating element in the jet and did not want to cause any damage to the jet by shoving a safety pin down the jets. Thanks for the help in advance.
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