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Oil change, word of caution ! Heads up..

Word of caution about “current production” spin on oil filters.
The rubber seal (‘O’ ring) is not fixed to the filter. It can drop off while installing.

Story of caution: I replaced the filter and oil on my Eldorado (1992). The new filter went on with no problem.
Upon a 45 second idle in order to settle the oil level for final top off, the oil splattered all over.
Lost 3 qts but did not lose pressure.

Turns out that the black rubber seal fell off the filter flange while installing the filter and lay hidden in a nook below the filter.
This was not evident upon installation and spot visual check.

To my memory after having installed many many spin on type oil filters, including on my former 1989 300SE, I have never encountered seals loosely laid on the flange. So this must be the new normal cheap production standard.

Both the ‘Hall’ filter and the replacement AC/Delco filters’ seals just lay on top without glue or crimps.
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