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1) I read that job as more of a diagnostic check, especially if the complant is a harsh or rumbling suspension, or if you eat up shocks quickly. I wouldn't worry about that test.

2) BOGE is also an OEM supplier, overall appearance may be slightly different than what was on the car, but it will work just fine. The damper on the 4.5 was the original with the Star, replaced with a BOGE unit. No problems.

3) The front submounts come with new bolts and nuts. They are shown in the picture with the mounts in the FastLane Online catalogue.

4) After siphoning off all of the fluid in the resevoir, change the filter and disconnect the return line. Fill the resevoir and then with the engine running, keep replacing with new fluid as the old fliud pumps into a container. Once the fluid is running clear and clean shut off the engine, replace the return line and top off the resevoir. Or for less mess, refill the resevoir, run engine, shut off engine and siphon off fluid. Then repeat, repeat, repeat...until the fluid is clean and clear. May take a while and several quarts.
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