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Thanks guys for the help! Mike, with the subframe mounts, I couldn't find a pic with it on FastLane (where I ordered them from). Perhaps we are talking about two different things. I am speaking of the submounts just ahead of the rear tire, front position of rear subframe as the description puts it. My mounts come with four smaller bolts, not the one big one that goes through the center of the mount and two lock washers. That is the one I have in question..whether to replace or not. I guess the four small ones go on that plate on the bottom of the mounts that bolts into the body.

As far as the PS pump...either way sounds ok to me...maybe Mike's method had more of an actual "flushing" effect? Also, the manual says in bold, "the pump should not suck air under any circumstances." Is that something I have to watch out for with these methods?

Again, thanks for the help!
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