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From memory, this has been one of the oddest winters in the past 30 years in the Southeast US. I am especially tuned into
this because I work with enhancements to weather information on commercial airplanes. So at my office, I start my day off by looking at the various advanced and current weather product forecasts from the AWC, NOAA, ADDS (flight related), and NCAR.

One of the problems has been the downright bizarre nature of the weather--on Tuesday of last week when I left work, the temp was 70 deg F; that morning it had been 38 F. I drove home the long way to enjoy having the windows and sunroof open. About 200 miles away in DC, the temp was between 30 to 45 F that day.

By Thursday of last week, the temps had dropped to all day 30s F again where I live. No open sunroof on Thursday.

Cold weather plays hell on any sort of mechanical equipment. I spoke with the owner of the gas station where I go and he told me that they had been having numerous problems with their pumps from the cold. I had to replace a battery in my Benz that would have functioned normally under Spring/Summer and even normal Winter conditions in the area. I decided to go with an OEM battery with 100 Ah just to have the extra "umph".

We have had more than 15 days here where the temps dropped to -5 to 0 F. That is VERY unusual for this area.

I think that what has been harder on vehicles has been the rapid changes in weather that we have been experiencing (such as last week's). There have been at least 30 days this winter when a block heater would have been extremely useful. But we don't need them with the weather we "typically" have around VA.

Only good news is that we are leaving Winter behind in N Hemisphere so hopefully, Spring and Summer will return to some "normalcy".

I genuinuely "feel" for the vehicles I drive this Winter.

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