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It is job number 35-115 under rear axle (chassis and body)on the W124 service CD (9 pages), thanks myarmar!

GOOD GOSH!!!!! you have to dismantle the whole rear axle and wheel carrier!! Special tools galore; extractor/puller 140 589 03 61 00, puller 201 589 01 33 00, socket 201 589 05 63 00, 12 point 30mm collar socket 126 589 02 09 00. Good news is no mention of a spring compressor. Damn this car is not easy to work on like the W126. The $500 quote is from an independant shop. While I am at it might as well replace all bushings, camber struts, mounts, shocks, control arms..... a total rebuild since its all apart?

ako my car has a rumble sound under the back seat near the wheel wells, you can hear it at all times especially when I decelerate and coast, plus they shook the rear wheel on the lift, there is a quage used to check it also for play in the mantience section of the service CD.

Just spent $644 for front ball joints/a-arm bushings and front end alignment for this car last week. $700 for a used flywheel replacement on my W126 last month. These cars are killing me!

I would like to DIY but I don't know?
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