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I had a slight but annoying persistent vibration at highway speeds with my 96 c280. New Michelins didn't help. I thought it might be my front shocks (KYB), as it would sometimes be worse than at other times. Well, a few weeks ago, I decided to purchase new tires, as my Michelins were history. I put a slightly wider set of Dunlops on. The car shook up and down at highway speed, so I took it back. -20 temperatures that day caused 3 wheels to throw their stick-on weights almost immediately after leaving the shop. They put on some coated knock-on weights until summer. The car is now the smoothest I have ever felt any car ever on the highway. At any speed right up to the governor. Now in the spring when I return to that same shop to have stick-ons put back on, I will have them do a dynamic, high-speed on-car balance (expensive and time-consuming, but worth it). I guess the positioning of the stick-on weights as dictated by the rim design was never optimized by a normal balance process.
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