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Chuck's advice is spot on except the 47 degree dwell part. All the transistor controlled ignitions in those years were set to either 30 or 34 dgrees depending on model without regard to # of cylinders. When you go back to a black coil ignition system you go back to dwell angles in relation to # of cyls. A 4 cyl is set at 48 degrees, a 6 cylinder is set at 37 degrees, and I believe an 8 cylinder is set at 24 degrees. You best check, because I can't remember the setting for the 8 cyls for sure. Also you really need to use a dwell meter to set points on these things; feeler gauges just don't cut it. Pull all the plugs, remove the cap and rotor, and have someone crank the engine while you tweak the points and watch the dwell meter. Tighten the points hold down screw and check dwell again. Sometimes it changes when you tighten the screw.

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