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Leon Hernandez
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THanks David, heh though not an AGGIE, I turn off the A/C when the blue smoke burnt oder and high pitch squel overpowered my desire to stay cool. (about 105 down here)
Had Chuck (Benz by Blair) check it out too and his diagnostic reply was yep locked up! That's where the 1k repair bill est. came from. Oh sorry didn't answer your question yep belt is tight bout 1/8" or so deflection.Thanks Leon
Originally posted by Leon Hernandez:
How hard of a job is this on a 85 300SD? The comp. locked up and my MB tech wants 1080.00
Looks like Performance Products has the parts for about 280 for the unit plus 100 or so for the reciever dryer and expansion vlv.

Any special tools (other than the obvious A/C tools vac. pmp. recovery unit guages)
Don't know what caused the lock up, is this something that just hapens on occasion? or maybe contributed by the mech. that worked on replacing the Inj. PMP.?

Thanks for the help and expertise, ah Yes I have the EPA correct handler's license but plan on going bback w/ R 134a.

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