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Persistent oil leak - camshaft seal - 300E

Hey guys -

I'm at my wit's end. I have a persistent oil leak in my '89 300E M103 engine at the camshaft seal. It is definitely leaking at the camshaft seal - not the head gasket. Here's what I have done thus far:

1. Relaced all rubber seals and gaskets - including camshaft seal, valve cover seal, etc. Still leaks.
2. Replaced the aluminum timing chain cover piece (where the camshaft seal actually sits) and another new camshaft gasket. The aluminum piece was sealed with that Mercedes sealant recommended for this piece. My mechanic was specific about this and he did a very neat job sealing this. Still leaks.

My mechanic normally does excellent work and they did the second job mentioned above basically for free since they didn't fix the leak the first time around. I'm really stumped. Any ideas why it is still leaking? The leak is minor, but adds up over time. Not to mention having oil all over the front of the engine and inside the distributor cap!

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