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Leon Hernandez
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Thanks Ken, I gather that there are some fittings I need to get once the compressor is removed to plug up one line and connect the flush to the other. Or connect the flush to one side of the line and just blow it right on through?(I'm thinking the latter)Your right about the vacuum I usually sweep the system at least once by giving it a small charge to absorb what ever noncondensibles are left and then go for another long and slow vacuum. Appreciate the help. Of the many MB sites/NG this one seems to have the most willing and humble group around, thanks for the tip. I'll order the parts and get this ready in a few weeks. Leon

Originally posted by shoe:
A great big yes on flushing the system. If your comp. locked up you need to get all the metal shaving's out. there commercially availible flushes at most parts stores. ounce you run the flush through you need to blow through the system with compressed air to dry the flush completely. then a good 45 minute to 1 hour vacum on the system.

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