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Originally posted by Ken300D
From what I gather, insurance companies invest your premiums in the stock market. Now that the market has tanked, they don't have the money to pay out premiums - so they use every possible trick to avoid doing so.

The insurance companies gambled with your premium money, and the only loser is going to be you.

Ken, I'm sure you understand that your premiums aren't put into a seperate account just for your claims. Under state regulations, casualty insurance companies must keep their claims "reserves" in liquid accounts which don't generate much income and the remainder is invested for higher return. If the company can't financially cover potential claims, then they either have to cut costs and/or raise rates.
Unfortunately, due to the economic condition of the country, carriers have had to do both. Insurers are pulling out of various states or not writing any new policies by just keeping existing insureds. They're also going to try to cut repair costs by using the "like/kind" provisions of the policies.
There are good non-OEM parts and there are bad ones too, but you have to be an informed consumer to know what you're getting. If consumers are going to push for OEM replacements 100% of the time, they better be prepared to pay the premium.
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