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Unhappy Hot Start Problem -- 220 Will Not Turn over when Hot

Hello To All --

I am having some trouble with my 72 220 -- The car will not turn over after it has run for a while. I can go somewhere in the car (enough to allow it to heat up to temperature) and then immediately turn it back on, but if I let it sit for a while it will not turn back on. However if I wait long enough (a couple of hours) it will eventually turn over. When you turn the ignition you can hear clicking under the hood but there is absolutely no attempt for it to turn over. The battery is not the problem as the radio turns on. Any suggestions or ideas would be helpful.

Also -- I had it out at a shop today and they put chalk on one fo teh belts to make it stop squeeling - I have never seen this trick before.

Thanks again -- Chris White
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