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I could get free classes through 24 Fitness and I don't do it. I've done it about once a year for 3 years and always while visiting my sister. This vid got me to thinking though. Running is not a good idea for me, even biking hurts my knees. Yoga taxes muscles with very little impact action. Mainly what I do is swmming and rowing machine. And slowly getting back into weights. I've pulled muscles in the past for getting too confident, too early. Major drag. You want to get going again but you have to be patient.

I had dinner at my sister's boyfriend's house on Puget Sound last weekend. My grandnephew - 5 years old - left his flip-flops on the boyfriend's boat, moored about 50 yards out. I was hearing talk about people being timid to take the plunge. The Sound is pretty cold. I had tested it and it was within reason - it wasn't 'mountain creek just leaving the glacier' cold. So to show off, I took my 64 year old ass out to the boat. Not too tough, but then getting to the boat saw that it would be tough to get on w/o stepping on some part of the propeller housing which I didn't want to do. I did want to show off however. So I managed to get one leg over the side and then one arm up and managed to hoist myself out and over the edge. Oh boy. I got the flip-flops and applause. And also re-pulled a tender muscle or rotator cuff or something in my right shoulder.

Crap. Older and wiser now. No more showing off.

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