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Originally Posted by The Swede View Post

I don't think yoga would make a huge impact on weight unless you're a total load and have been sedentary for many, many years.

I have a lot of experience in this area (not the weight issues, but with yoga) - PM me for more info.

However it will help with flexibility, core strength, alignment, balance and body awareness.

For weight loss, I'd modify diet and walk (fast) an hour every day, along with weight resistance exercises. I think most of it depends on diet and studies show this.
I agree with that all of that but I think it's possible that some activities stimulate hormonal production so you burn fat better. Supposedly working up to your limit on lifting capacity with enough muscle groups engaged at one time stimulates increased testosterone production. Could be that yoga helps massage energy points sort of like acupuncture only in a more easily accessed manner.

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