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The MB HVAC system can confuse the best of them....

Footwell vents and Side Vents only provide heat....

Fresh / Cooled air is provided only by the center vents.

One thing I am suprised the Euro manufacturers didnt follow the trend on, was the bi-level heat / cool combo that the American manufacturers were big on in the 80's.

My friend had a camaro convertible, and it was the best feature.. A/C out of the front dash vents, but heat out of the floor vents to keep the feet warm.

It seems like anyone who has spent any time in europe knows that until very recently (late 90's) - A/C was an option not chosen by many, especially because of the lag it put on the smaller displacement engines. Because of that, the A/C systems in a lot of our 80's to 90's cars seem like an afterthought. That and the extremely sub par audio systems compated to other cars in this price range....Things have improved some, but its just not the same to see the door jamb say manufactured by daimler chrystler.

Oh well...

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