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I know you said you vacuumed down to -29, but those numbers could be also indicative of air in the system. When you vacuumed down the system did you do it for at least 15 - 30 mins on low and hi side? Also, before you started charging, did you crack the yellow feed hose first to purge the air out and let the r134 fill up the hose before you introduced the refrigerant into the system? I would say vac the system down again and follow the recommended charging protocol. Or, try getting the rpms up to about 2500 and see where you are at with ac vent temp and the high and low side pressure. If it stabilizes at the higher rpm and then goes back up, you could have a problem with the compressor not properly compressing the refrigerant.
Also, check out this attachment. Good luck.
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1990 190E 3.0L

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