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Share Your Favorite Repair Tips, Short-Cuts

Thinking of the wealth of knowledge this site’s members have, let's post our favorite repair tips, short-cuts, tricks etc.

Here are some of my favorites:

Differential oil changes: Remove the filler bolt first, if you can't get that out to refill, don't bother removing the drain bolt.

Lubricating a hard to reach part: Dip a long screw driver into the lubricant and then let it dribble down the shaft to the spot you need to reach.

Bolts/nuts falling out of socket when trying to attach in a hard to reach spot: Put a spot of heavy grease on the bolt/nut then insert it into the socket, it will be held temporarily.

Broken radiator or coolant hose - out on the road: Most major parts chains now sell coolant repair kits (about $5) consisting of insert collars of different sizes along with hose clamps and glue. Cut the leaking hose in 1/2, insert the collar, secure with glue and clamp. Not elegant but good enough to get you home or to a source for the proper hose.

Keep us posted,

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