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Originally Posted by vwnate1 View Post
" after all, you drive an older car and don't have common sense...."

This describes me pretty well .

I only wish I had lots of money to spend on N.O.S. trim parts .
I was at the Virginia Beach Pick-N-Pull yesterday. They had a '98 BMW 740il out front, priced at 1499.00. Those things used to cost about $80-90K!
In the yard, I saw a pretty 200? Mercedes C240. Both cars were straight, with decent paint. These days, I see a lot of shiny, undamaged, and even newer, vehicles in there. I wonder what high-tech failures sent them to the bone-yard?
I'll bet my '96 Camry (which has become the W123 of the '90s) is now worth more than that BMW.

Yet, we must all become zombie-consumers, and enhance the waste-stream by sending our vintage rides to the scrapyard. Then replace 'em with one of today's disposable technological wonders - on credit of course so we'll be eternally in debt! Which we'll be paying off long after today's wonder has followed it's predecessor into the shredder!

Happy Motoring, Mark
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