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Leon Hernandez
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Well fwiw, I just had a inj.pmp R/R at 15 deg ATDC(instead of 24 BTDC) and it ran at about 80-85C. So timing would still be worth taking a look see but make sure a MB tech does it that way you know the right test equip. will be let him check using the RIV method he won't likely use the drip method. (expensive lesson speaking here! )
Originally posted by francis:

I have an 85' 124 300D (603 engine). I'm running kinda hot on the slightest stop and go traffic. When normal driving I get about 95-100 and the moment I come to a stop-n-go traffic it goes up to 105-110. The strange part is that when I rev the engine - the temp goes back to 95-100.

What could be wrong here? Here's what I have already done:

1) Replace Radiator
2) Replace water pump
3) Replace viscous clutch
3) replave T-stat (85 degrees)
4) clean/flush cooling system
5) put 50/50 coolant mix
6) AC/AUX fan OK both low and high speed

Did I miss on anything? Some say it could be engine timing.

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