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No additional fuel - though I'm not clear about water injection. That's a maybe so I'll look into that.

I've done about all the aero improvements I'm allowed though I CAN lower the nose a bit more and that's the plan for the September meet. I'll have to cut the air dam down so it won't hit the track then I can let some air out of the ShockWaves - having adjustable front elevation is VERY helpful. The rules allow a front air dam but NO aero improvements at the rear of the truck and I can't tape the seams, either. Notice that there are no rearview mirrors, antenna, etc. - all that is allowed and is done.

Rather than add rear gear I'll shoot for a bit more HP. I think I can add a bit more boost as long as the EGT doesn't go TOO far off the deep and. The pump can add much more fuel than it's currently set up for but that will take more turbo first.


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