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Originally Posted by Coolvibes View Post
Hi OP. I wouldn't worry about camming the LQ4 yet if I was you, but would focus on getting the engine in first. Love the LS motors, and look forward to following your project. Hope you can get the motor to fit while retaining the steering box and linkages.

From my experience with LS motors, the shortest accessory system is from a Corvette, while the lowest / cheapest intake is from Camaros should you have any space issues. Hotrodders are also now using Delco Remy R4 A/C pancake compressors mounted in front of the passenger side head of to solve chassis rail clearance issues.

I don't remember exactly now, but I think GTOs came with a front sump oil pan.
The accessories / setup you need may be very similar to what's needed to put that motor in a Nissan 240SX, so do some research on that combo for some ideas and off the shelf adapters.

What axle ratio does your car have now?

Randy - Miami
Thanks for following my build and commenting.

The W114 chassis actually held a MB 6.3 ltr overhead cam V-8. Getting a compact LS style engine installed can be done. But actual placement is going to be decided based on cost and front to back weight.

The LQ4 engine with the 4L80 trans measures around 58 3/4" long from crank pulley to driveshaft face. This is about 4" longer than the engine and trans I just pulled out. The extra length is in the transmission. Since the driveshaft need to be modified anyway, shortening it is not really an extra cost. And having the engine as far back as possible is better for weight balancing. I think this also helps with getting my exhaust to fit between the firewall and the steering box.

I have found a front sump pan with remote filter that I will need. The GTO pan still has a portion on the pan and the filter which could interfere with the steering rack.

Although the LQ4 intake is hideous it still performs well, I'm going to try and keep it and the stock front assembly if I can. Quick measurements show that the LQ4 will be about 2" taller than the stock engine if I keep the crank centerline the same. I need to check hood clearance and how to shave a little off of the LQ4 intake. Now that everything is out I can measure a little more. Since I have one in my Jeep I can measure the real thing.

The LQ4 front assembly is narrow and tall, the width works but the alternator is high and the possible conflict.

GM performance sells the whole front assemblies for both the corvette style and the camaro style for about $900. Quick measurements show I have about 1" to spare with the LQ4 front drive with my radiator.

Concerning the cam/springs/pushrods kit. One way or another this engine will be going in. I will be trying to fit the engine and welding in motor mounts and I estimate the engine will go in and out at least 4 times before finally bolting it in. As I expect to get stuck waiting for parts to proceed I will have the cam kit on hand to install during the down time.

Axle ratio is 3.42:1
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