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Originally Posted by 97 SL320 View Post
Did you have a look at a dry sump pan to gain clearance? Is the oil pump driven off the crank nose?

If so, I'd keep the stock pump, use a single stage scavenge pump and make a tank that fits under the engine.

With a tank under the engine you might even get away without a scavenge pump.
Thanks for chiming in!

Now that I have everything clean I can start sketching up a plan. There is a good bit of area clear ahead of the crossmember for a front sump pan, like the one on the engine that came out.

In a perfect world the plan is to have the center of the crank at the same level as the stock engine was with the back side of the heads about 1" forward of the firewall at that height. That would shift the most weight to the rear and keep the drivetrain low and linear.

Anything beyond that will be a compromise between the goal and cost/time.
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