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Spent some time yesterday looking, measuring, and comparing this engine bay with the Vortec in my Jeep.

Front to back I have a good 2" to play with using the LQ4 front drive accessories. Options to use Covette or Camaro accessories can give 2" to 1" more if needed.

If I keep the crankshaft height centerline the same as before I will have just about 1" hood clearance if I remove the stock Vortec engine cover and install the one like I purchased from Novak for my jeep.

The LQ4 front drive assembly is narrow and tall. Without modification to the frame rails I will have about 1/2" clearance between on both sides, except for the power steering tank. Options are to make a small recess pocket in the frame rail, about 1" deep, or use a pump with a remote tank.

The crossmember has a slight radius forward and a radius downward in the middle under the engine. These two areas will have to be modified to accept the front sump pan, but not severely enough to warrant trying to fab in another crossmember. Looks like the motor mounts can be fabricated to mount in the stock location. I purchased this front sump pan yesterday, also has AN fittings to relocate the oil filter as it would also be in the way of the steering.

'69 230 build w/LQ4 swap-image.jpeg

Not sure about the transmission tunnel yet, still need to make some more measurements. The stock automatic transmission looks to be marginally smaller than the 4L80.

The big conflict is the steering and electronic gas pedal.

Besides the mini-fridge sized steering unit, the output location of the steering column is right at the same height as the exhaust ports on the head. There is almost no way to route the exhaust. Also, the Mercedes steering column support/transmission linkage shaft is right in the way of every available electronic gas pedal option.

I'm researching now installing a Flaming River steering column and rear steer rack and pinion. Besides giving me some options on placement it also will be a major improvement to the steering in general and a lot less weight.

I've done a little searching and have not read that this has been done before. Any comments?

As I had in my mind that I would have to spring for a new intake manifold, fuel rails, injectors, and front drive assembly, now that it looks like those can stay and my only big expense might be the steering.
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