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Originally Posted by Tomguy View Post
Looking at the picture, from what I can see of your original setup, it looks like the drag link is behind the subframe. Which means getting a RP assembly short enough to mount up right behind the subframe, and one that is a "Standard mount" as opposed to a "Front mount" RP assembly. You'd likely wind up with a setup not unlike what Subarus have, which might mean that would be a rack to consider.
Thanks for jumping in.

Flaming River has a rear steer rack and pinion that looks like it was made for this car.

'69 230 build w/LQ4 swap-image.jpeg

The body of the rack is 19.5", which coincidently is the same dimension as the distance between the ends of the existing tie rod links. The overall length of the rack is 45" the overall distance from tie rod end to tie rod end on my car is 47 1/2". By the time you add the actual tie rod ends to the Faming River rack it should be right there.

So with a little work to the crossmember to make a place to bolt the R & P I should be able to exactly match the existing geometry.

Am I mission something?
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