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Any time you make any changes to a steering system you just want to be aware of issues that may arise. Bump steer is a big one. Ackerman steering geometry is another. Essentially, you want to make sure that your wheels not just align straight but align for a proper turning circle based on the inner and outer tire's toe angles. Not doing so will lead to scrubbing tires that wear faster and that will probably squeal even when not turning hard. Since it's a project car, you have plenty of time to get all of this right. Changing the pivot points from where the tie rod ends currently connect to the new points on a rack and pinion will change the Ackerman circle and the bump steer characteristics. You won't be able to do a "Straight shot" from the rack to the wheels, you'll need to use some advanced maths to replicate the original geometry as best as you can to determine exactly where the rack needs to go (IE: Flush against the subframe, 1" away, 2" away, 1.125" away, 0.25" into the subframe...)
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