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The more I dig into this car the more I'm excited about its potential.

Obviously in the 47 years since this car came down the assembly line technology has progressed.

So it seems one thing leads to another and I found myself going ahead and pulling out the lower center dash and related heat/AC system. As I may need to enlarge the transmision tunnel for the 4L80 trans I wanted to go ahead and clean everything out.

Since the heater core leaked and needed replaced and since the AC is somewhat marginal, I will be replacing the entire system with a new aftermarket universal system.

As it seems that the outside fresh air structure is starting to leak I'm going to blank it off and eliminate the system entirely.

No telling how much weight this will save, all this stuff has some weight.

I kind of like the look without the center dash.
'69 230 build w/LQ4 swap-image.jpeg

Need to get some ideas on how to change the upper dash squarish air vents to round ones to match the ones at the far ends of the dash and incorporated new HVAC controls. If I go ahead and eliminate or at least minimize the center dash I need to design to fit the stereo. Maybe fabricate a floor mounted center console to hold the new gear selector, cup holder and the radio?

The steering column is going also. I wouldn't mind keeping it but it's kind of unusual how the steering shaft is run along side the hollow support shaft instead of inside it. By changing to a new steering shaft I gain the space I need for the electronic gas pedal and open up some space in the firewall to route the exhaust.

But all the visual changes need to keep the spirit of the original age of the car.
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