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Originally Posted by 97 SL320 View Post
The tank is going to need some sort of sump otherwise the fuel pump will pick up air and the engine stumble if the tank is low on fuel when going around a corner.

You might end up using a fuel debubbler from a late 80's Ford. This connected to the pressure and return lines ( after the pump ) and it allowed air to go back through the return line.
Thanks for writing about the fuel pump.

You are right, if you don't have some kind of a sump the fuel, if the tank is low, can slosh past the intake and you can starve the engine. This could be bad for the engine.

Some systems use a cone of foam to help keep fuel around the pickup.

I chose the kit from Tanks. It has a small reservoir to hold fuel for the sock/pickup.
'69 230 build w/LQ4 swap-image.jpeg

It also has a 225 ltr per hour, Walbro pump. Should be way plenty for this engine.

I will get to install this this week. Pics to follow.
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