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Audi was the only smart one: they bought the GM cadillac system lock stock and control head when they introduced the 5000 in the early 80's. Friends of mine with Beamers and MB's couldn't believe it cooled so much or so fast. I just smiled.

Originally posted by CMCon98:
Why is it that european manufacturers can't seem to engineer a decent A/C system? Old American cars from the '60s and '70s had arctic A/C systems that would cool their huge interiors in minutes, and didn't screw up until the rest of the car was worn out. I remember freezing as a kid in my parents' '70 Bonneville. Modern Japanese cars also have good systems, even in the lowliest Corolla or Sentra. By contrast, Benz, Volvo, BMW, and others used primitive piston type compressors well into the '80s, and their systems were/are largely useless on the 95-degree days when you needed them most. Seems like the companies that engineered such wonderful engines/suspensions/seats, etc. could have engineered a good A/C system, or at least purchased a new Caprice and copied the GM system. What do you guys think?

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