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This wasn't my thread, but I happened to have the same problem. To finish this up, I thought it might be helpful to post some photos.

The first photo shows the offending mount. All I did was hit the center cup with a plumbers torch. From time to time, the rubber would catch, but the rubber self extinguishes if the torch is removed. Keep a hose handy, and remove the fuel tank for safety. A fan to keep the smoke out of your face is also helpful. Once the center was nice and hot, a few whacks with a 3lb hammer freed it up.

The second photo shows the inside of the cup, plenty of corrosion. The cup seems to be made out of aluminum.

The next photo shows the reason I was doing this...northeastern salt damage is a car-killer. And the final photo is the rust-free replacement from sunny California. I want to send my cars to CA for vacation.
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