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Here is the apparent memory configuration

Standard is 128mb ram.
There are 2 memory slots...

It comes with one 128mb standard, and for an extra $50 you can add a 2nd 128mb chip. - This would populate both slots.

For an extra 99 you can replace the one 128mb chip with one 256 mb chip, leaving the second slot open.

I think it may be worth it to go with the $50 upgrade at this point, and if I really need it, possibly replace one of them with a 256 mb module at a later date.

I dont know that much about computers - I have also heard good things about dell, but had a horrible experience with my consumer line toshiba sattelite. - Granted Once again, it was purchased with cost in mind. ~ 1000 in July of 2001 - I just cant justify dropping several thousand dollars on something destined to be obsolete before you even take it out of the box.

My toshiba has had - a failed hard drive (which completely wiped out 8 months worth of data)

2 batteries that barely worked - The first one lasted about 30 mins at a time until it finally quit two months into use, the second one was even worse

A failed keyboard - some edge of the spacebar key popped off.

All in all in the first 12 months of ownership it went back to toshiba 3 separate times, every time it was covered under warranty, but still very inconvenient.

The last time it came back, I just gave up on trying to use it mobile, and it has sort of worked sitting on my desk ever since.
It doesnt like to run well, makes all sort of scary grinding noises, and gets really hot and randomly freezes. - Overall just a terrible product, granted I may have gotten a particularly problematic one, but it still has dissuaded me from purchasing a new one from them.

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