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Originally Posted by gmog220d View Post
Doesn't it always?

Having fun watching your progress.
Thanks for posting and glad my project is of interest.

Today if I would have had a camera would have been really fun to watch, although not fun for yours truly!

Anyone that has taken on any sized project will admit some parts were fun, some parts not so much.

One thing I have been procrastinating on was cleaning the underside of the car. This falls under the "not so much" category. With me dropping the fuel tank, installing the battery in the trunk, running new fuel lines, new engine, new trans, change out driveshaft, etc, etc, cleaning the underside would make life easier for everything when I'm under there.

So today I soaked the whole underside, suspension, links, wheel wells, etc with engine degreaser. 6 cans in total. Waited about 15 mins and then crawled back under with a hose. You can only imagine how nasty, greasy, dirty I was from head to toe!!

I think I shaved another 5 lbs off of the car there was so much sand/dirt/etc.

The underside looks great, glad I did it, glad it's done.
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