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Originally Posted by Coasttocoast View Post
That would be great! What is it out of?
I just got a chance to check, imagine my surprise when it turned out to only be 6.75" of travel! It's 34.5" long in total, but center-mount (not end mount) from my 99 300M. I thought it'd be more due to where it was mounted & the tighter turning circle the car has than many other FWD R&P cars... but not that much, apparently.

You might want to consider an "Exploration" trip to the junkyard. Find a car with R&P, and then measure its travel lock-to-lock. My hunch is you'll need a center-mount because you will NOT find a R&P unit that can do end-mount that both offers only 19.5" length from output shaft end to output shaft end (not body length) AND 7+ inches of travel. The engineering to do that is just not feasible for any manufacturer unless you have maybe a manual rack custom-fabbed.

Keep in mind, steering is all geometry. You'll want to keep bump steer to a minimum but still meet Ackerman geometry. You will be able to do so with a R&P unit and you may be able to decrease your turning radius if you do the geometry right. It is very likely the old pitman arm moves nowhere near the 8" you see when going from lock to lock at the tie rod ends thanks to simple trig (ok, somewhat complex, but simple if you dumb it down enough).
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