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260e transmission problem

I have used the search funtion and found little on the subject, so I am hoping someone can help. (great site...I fixed my sunroof yesterday by using the search function for info)

Anyway, a month or so ago it was very cold here in the midwest (below freezing for a few weeks). I had not driven my 87 260e much recently also. After letting the car warm up a bit I left and immediately noticed that it shifted (automatic tranny) much harder than normal from 2-3. When I got on the expressway it stayed in 3 until the rpms were very high at which point it shifted very hard into 4. In addition to this on a few occasions it seemed as if the car went into neutral for a few seconds (whether during normal driving or when shifting....didn't seem to make any difference). This went on for about a week and then I left town.

Now, I am back home after some time on the road isn't showing any of the symptoms anymore. Not a single one. Does this sound familiar to anyone.

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