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A. Rosich,

Thanks for the input. I'm sold on the Benz and would love to get the wagon. I just need to find one for her to drive so that she will be comfortable with it. Unfortunately, she's only driven my diesel and is not thrilled with the acceleration so doesn't know that the Petrol engine is a totally different animal. I've seen several E320T and 300TE wagons on eBay but am wary of the service history. I've heard that if the auto leveler hasn't been service properly it'll go quick and is expensive.


The Volvo and Odyssey are her suggestions, the 320 is mine. She grew up with a Plymouth Voyager and swore she'd never be a "Minivan Mom". Well, now she's thinking about it. She drove an Odyssey the other day and liked it. Said it drove like a sedan, which it should being based on the Accord. They are expensive though. Even a used one will be around $19K so I should be able to nix that one. The Volvo is an option because we've both heard that they are great wagons. But, I have concerns about the durability.

Here are two wagons on eBay that look promising. Ya'lls thoughts?

'95 E320T

'91 300TE

Also, will I be able to hook up a towing package and any idea on the capacity? I have a trailer that I use to haul mulch, plants, trash, etc.

Thanks for your inputs.

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