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As I mentioned, yesterday I mapped out the location and travel of the drag link/inner tie rod ends to be able to duplicate with the new rack and pinion.

Lucky for me the existing drag link is mounted level with the car and runs in a straight line. Although it moves slightly forward and slightly rearward, from center, due to the arch/swing of the pitman and ???arm.

Now that I have a map, so to speak, I removed the balance of the old steering system. This weighed a total of 8 lbs, plus the 35 lbs for the steering box = 43 lbs total.

I have to say that the existing system was pretty well designed. When driving the car I never thought it needed to be replaced. Now I will have to live with a larger turning radius or modify the steering arms at the spindle to get it back.

Here is my "map" probably won't make sense to anyone else. But I took my reference points from the engine mount location on top of the crossmember, outside bolt location, and the center of the crossmember.

'69 230 build w/LQ4 swap-image.jpeg
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