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SEL buying questions

I am looking for an SEL. I have two 1988's I am looking at.

One is a silver 420SEL with 107k and is mint. Runs and drives excellent. Everything seems to work just fine. I cannot find any issues except a lack of records. It is $5000.

The other is a 560SEL with 166K. It is also MINT (actually slightly better than the 420SEL). Teal with parchment. It has all records and is from a very respectable independent shop. Price? $11000

Now my question.. whic one should I consider seriously? Is the performance difference between them so significant that I should only consider the bigger engine? Isn't $11k a bit high for a high mileage car like that? What can I expect the longevity to be for one of these cars? Transmission life? Motor life? Obviously I have to have them both schecked by an indy shop before I part with my cash, but any advice will be much appreciated.
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