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Wink Replace Heater matrix / 190E 2.6

Had a coolant leak that was creating a puddle (the size of a saucer) underneath the transmission.

After replacing the heater feed and return hoses and checking the heater control valve, I realized that the likely culprit was the heater matrix (groan!). Interestingly, there was no internal leak or odor in the car - even when blowing hot air!

Using the workshop manual, I proceeded with all the tasks that are required to remove the dashboard.

Not a particularly difficult job - but you DO need the shop manual to avoid additional frustration. I also recommend labelling ALL fastners (with masking tape and pen) and placing in containers grouped by sub-assembly to avoid confusion with re-assembly.
Label the climate control vacuum hoses too!

My heater matrix was leaking at the end-joint.
Whilst doing this job I also replaced: -

- the radiator (diagnosed as partially blocked by a local shop)
- serpentine belt (might as well, whilst radiator out)
- badly corroded transmission cooler pipe - attached to lower radiator

... a bit ambitous maybe, but hopefully worthwhile.
The radiator had been causing 'hot running' in traffic and was the likely cause of some recent hose blow-outs.

End result, no more leaks, cooler running and the heater works a treat!


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