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Joey, that's definetly some interesting data you posted. I wanted to do some driving before reposting to this subject and make sure I wasn't out of my mind. When I drive, I do it NOT by looking 100 or even 50 feet down the road but looking at whats immediately in front of me. The "in car" shots that Joeys post illustrates so well (do an A to B comaprison, open the halogen shot and say the PIAA shot in a new window and, in the menu bar, flip them back and forth). You will see the immediate road in front of the vehicle is indeed more well illuminated. This is the usable effectiveness that myself and Mr. Albrecht are experincing. All of my driving is done in the city or suburbs where 50 feet down the road is so illuminated by ambient light that any light being cast by my headlights would go unseen. If I do any driving down a pitch black road, I turn my "brights" on anyway. I have to say, after swapping my original bulbs in this weekend and back out again for the "Hiper" ones, I may be out of my mind (when it comes to life in general) but these bulbs definetly make driving at night more pleasurable. Next test, in the rain... I'll try to post some results. Paul

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