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I just bought an '87 300TD with 215K in excellent condition. Well here we go...

The break light stayed on when I got the car out of the garage today. The history on this point is that the light was on when I test drove the car last sunday. The owner explained that it was part of the maintance that he was going to do (pads and rotors on all four wheels). Sure enough the light was out on thursday when I received it and the maintance work appeared to be completed. It was still out on friday for a trip to Great Neck (40mi) and on Saturday for the trip to the MB Manhattan to get roof rack cross-bars (3mi) (taking six people to the Catskills for the week, may need them).

But today when I started it the light stayed on. I double checked the parking brake (the light blinks out and back on when I release it) and the break fluid level (actually a little higher than max). I can not detect any change in the breaking or the pedal action. The manual only says that the break light indicates that the level is low. Is there anything else I can do or check short of taking it to the shop. Is this something that I need to do before I drive 300mi?

'87 300TD Turbo
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