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98 190e idle problems still

at this time my car appears to idle normal( about 650 rpms) when cold. no change when air cond is on or when shifting to drive. when engine reaches about 65 degrees "c" the idle speeds up until it reaches 1200/1300 rpms. air cond slows it down and "drive" slows it even more as if engine is under heavy load. ovp relay supplies battery voltage to pin 1 of ecu. tapping on it has no effect. tapping on idle control device slows idle temporilary but it comes back high. i have soaked the idle control overnight and lubed with wd 40. the voltage to it seems to vary between 0 and 13V . is the current flow controlled by voltage change or resistance change? do i just need to buy a $180.00 part or is there a better solution? is there a sensor that kicks in about that temp? i could not find a contact on the ecu cable that changed when i moved from park to rev. is that a problem on my car? duty cycle on x11 pin 3 is 48/52 percent when cold but goes up to 79 percent as it warms up. 2000 rps back to idle drops it back to 48/52 percent but then it rises back to 79 percent. any ideas? THANKS! charlie
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