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Originally posted by HTN-E430
Hi Darkmann,
I had the same answear from MBUSA when I called them last year before I had service B done at FJ dealer in Newport Beach, CA. This time I did not bother to call MBUSA for clarification. I print Gilly writting in this topic to bring with me to show to service advisor. But I did not need to show the new guy any of Gilly opinions, he told me MB pays for these brake and coolant flushes at 2-3 years interval as recommented if the car is in for either service A or B when I asked him who will pay for it....
Thanks HTN-E430 for the information. Also, thanks Gilly. You're right and when I'm due for service, I'll use your reference document and my maintenance manual as HTN suggests. ML Dude, I did call the 1-800-FOR-MERC, and like you noted, their knowledge is quite limited. Now I'm armed to the teeth about this.
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