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When I was at the mechanic this morning, he put my car (190E) on the lift. I thought it was weird that the rear wheels were spinning and asked him why they were. He said the car is in NEUTRAL. OK, question one: I thought the tires weren't suppose to spin in neutral. Question 2: Why didn't he put the car in PARK instead when it was on the lift and engine runnng? Was there a reason why he left it on NEUTRAL?

Also, can one shift from DRIVE to 3 or 2 while the car is in motion?

Is there a cable that is accessible from the engine bay that is used for transmission adjustments?

Well, getting back from the mechanic's shop for a routine check up, I came back with more questions than answers

Seeing the mechanic (an apprentice, perhaps?) coming back from a test drive in my car made me a little paranoid. He turned really fast and that kind of made me what did he do while test driving? Anyhow, thanks.

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