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Not OVP - Bloody chickens!!

I should never have counted them!

Sigh... Last night I got the new OVP installed and whammo the problem was back. Weird idle, stalling etc. Waste of 40. Never mind it forced me into looking elsewhere.

I checked the coolant sensor, the two pronged one for CIS-E & EZL. Thing is open, no resistance - infinity. Aha. The 4 pin coolant sensor - yes I have two temp sensors on my car - I think this one goes to the ECU - was working fine. Not sure if the two pin one is needed but I will replace.

Now, there is a sensor attached to the Air Flow Meter, it's called either a "air flow position sensor" or a "throttle valve switch". I'm really not sure which it is, because there is a short cable that connects the sensor to the switch.. Anyway, the sensor I think is supposed to show 0 ohms on one of the pins. At idle or engine off all of the pins show infinity. I gather this means it's nuked. Anyone with experience on these things?

190 2.5 16V Evo 1
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